Machines in stock, directly available for rent

Rent your conveyor machines at Van Trier

Van Trier makes it possible to rent a wide range of agricultural and industrial machines! On this page, you will find the machines that are available for rent right now. We offer over 500 machines, delivered to you from our establishment in Tholen. You will find six different types of machines like store loaders, conveyor belts and receiving hoppers in all shapes and sizes.

To rent or to buy?

You may not be used to the option to rent your machines, but it could be very convenient. Especially in the agricultural business, where it’s mostly all about seasonal work. Outside of the season, you won’t need the machines. We can offer you a big stock of machines for all your seasonal work. You won’t have to worry about maintenance or possible repairs; we will take care of that. That is why renting our machines isn’t only convenient in the agricultural business, but also in the industrial business.

Renting our machines: this is how it works

In our rental terms and conditions, you will also find more information about our prices. Because we have a wide range of options and a big stock, we can offer you many discounts! Our rental periods are very flexible. We will not only deliver your machine but also install it and take care of maintenance and repairs if wished. If you’re interested in renting a conveyor belt or any other machine, please do not hesitate to contact us!