Van Trier Europe specializes in belt conveyors for agricultural and industrial sectors. Our belt conveyors can be used for endless applications that will make your production process a lot easier and more efficient. Harvest can be processed efficiently and the production capacity will improve. All our belt conveyors are plug-and-play. Just plug it in and anyone can monitor and use it. The belt conveyors are easy to operate high quality. But what can you use the belt conveyors for? In this article we will tell you the most common uses for our belt conveyors. 

Conveyor belts for earth, dirt and soil

Our conveyor belts can be used for the transportation of earth, dirt and soil. Dirt and soil conveyor belts are exposed to heavy conditions. Our dirt and soil conveyor belts are resistant to heavy loads and weather conditions such as rain and frost. The conveyor belts have the right tension, steering strings and alignment so you can trust the belts even at peak hours. The belts have the right profile to move and transport all your dirt and soil safely, without spilling any and the belts are provided with scrapers for easy cleaning. 

Grain and salt belt conveyors

Does your company process grain, salt or other foods? Then you’re in need of special grain or salt conveyor belts that meet the high quality standard for processing foods. We offer the right conveyor belts for moving grain, salt and other foods that meet these standard. The belts have specific characteristics that make sure that mould and bacteria have no chance. That way you can also modest the use of bacteria killing additives. 

Concrete and gravel belt conveyors

Our belt conveyor can also be used for industrial purposes. We produce conveyor belts that are extra tough so it can hold heavy loads like concrete and gravel and still stay intact. An extra long lifespan is required when it comes to such heavy loads. Our conveyor belts can be provided with extra solid, vulcanized anchors to secure the load even during slanted transportation. 

Belt conveyors for bulk materials

We also offer belt conveyors for bulk materials. These conveyor belts also need to have wear-resistant belts that are resistant to rain and frost. These belts are easy to clean because of the built-in scrapers. That way, dirt has no chance to block the belts. We also offer other accessories so the belt conveyors can process as many bulk materials als needed at your peak hours.