Steel chute hoppers

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Van Trier TR 60/23 Industrial hopper
€17 850
Van Trier TR 60/23 Industrial hoppe ...
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Van Trier TR 35/45 Industrial Hopper
€11 250
Van Trier TR 35/45 Industrial Hoppe ...
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Van Trier Big Bag Filler Hopper
€2 850
Van Trier Big Bag Filler Hopper
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TR 38/28 Hopper with Conveyor Belt
TR 38/28 Hopper with Conveyor Belt
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Steel chute hopper for sale

Our steel chute hoppers are high quality and perfect for industrial use. We are specialized in all types of industrial and agricultural hoppers and make sure they measure up to our high standards. When you’re looking to buy a steel chute hopper, Van Trier is the place to be. Do you need to replace your old chute hoppers? Or maybe it’s more profitable to buy one than to keep renting one? We are happy to help you find the chute hopper that fits your business.

Steel chute hoppers in all types and sizes

We offer all types of steel chute hoppers, coming in various sizes. Which size you’ll need, depends on your supply method and the quantity of product that goes through the chute hopper. For a dosed supply to the storage, a steel chute hopper with an expansion belt. The expansion belt pulls the products out of the chute and transports it to the next link in the process.

We offer hoppers and steel chute hoppers varying from 5 to 20 m³ and upper sizes varying from 4×3, 5×4 and 6,5×2,5 meters. We offer steel chute hoppers both with and without expansion belts. Our expansion belts have a capacity varying from 10 to 1000 tons an hour.

Combining steel chute hoppers with storage loaders, dual belts and other machines

When your steel chute hoppers connect to your other machines, your transportation process will improve. Combine our steel chute hoppers with our storage loaders, dual belts or conveyor belts and span the distance between you unloading point and storage. Our steel chute hoppers are easily feeded with a shovel, forklift or tipping truck and are easily adjustable in height. The chute hoppers are also equipped with hydraulic sliding controls.

Buy your industrial steel chute hopper at Van Trier

At Van Trier, we sell several types of industrial steel chute hoppers. We are specialized in bigbag chute hoppers and bungers. With these special hoppers, it’s really easy to fill bigbags. The hopper is placed on the forks of the forklift and filled using a conveyor belt. When you want to buy our steel chute hoppers, please do not hesitate to contact us.