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The Pieper Does keeps your potatoes fresh for longer

In our wide range of agricultural machines, you will find our Pieper Does. This machine is an atomizer that keeps your potatoes from germinating and keeps them fresh. The spraying technique makes sure your potatoes are covered in equal, ultra fine drops. You can set the needed milliliters per minute yourself and you will only need one unit for either small or big production groups.

New technique to keep your potatoes fresh

The Pieper Does is suitable for 12 and 230 Volt and 400 Volt is optional. The Pieper Does has an exact supply, even after years of production. The Pieper Does has a great capacity; from 0 to 24 liters per hour and up to 400 milliliters per minute. It’s connected to only one hose and has just one button to operate it.

The Pieper Does: easy to use and low-cost

The Pieper Does has low purchase and maintenance costs. The Pieper Does is very low maintenance and reliable; after years of production you can still trust the precision of this machine. The Pieper Does never clogs and has a long lifespan. The built-in flushing system cleans the Pieper Does from the pump to the sprayer. Are you interested in our unique system that keeps your potatoes fresh for longer? Please contact us for more information!