Dual belt conveyors

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Visser 8+9-800 13986 Duoband Duobander Dual Conveyor
€17 950
Visser 8+9-800 Dual Conveyor Belt
  • 13986
  • Used
  • 1x8 + 1x9
  • 80cm
  • 2008
Visser Van Trier 8+9-800 16314 Dual Conveyor Belt Duoband Duobander
€19 985
Visser 8+9-800 Dual Conveyor Belt
  • 16314
  • New
  • 2x 8m
  • 80cm
  • 2021

Dual belt conveyors for sale at Van Trier

Are you looking to buy a high quality dual belt conveyor? Van Trier can definitely help you! We are specialized in agricultural and industrial machines and dual belt conveyors are obviously included. With our dual belt conveyors, your production process will improve. We know that every business has other needs, that’s why we offer dual conveyor belts in different lengths and widths. We offer both new and used conveyors and it is also possible to rent our machines.

Miedema or Climax dual belt conveyors for sale

Our dual belt conveyors are high quality and are made by the best brands such as Miedema and Climax. Our conveyor belts are modular, easy to operate and adjustable in length which makes them useful for almost every agricultural or industrial company. Dual belts are compact units that consist of two separate conveyor belts. These belts are arranged in such a way that they can be placed in a corner. The dual belts are easy to use to span the long distance between the wharf and warehouse. The capacity of the belts is dependent of the size and speed.

Using a dual belt conveyor

The dual belts are transported stacked. After arrival, the belts will be lifted off each other hydraulically and pushed apart electrically. Dual belts are retractable and extendable. The length of the belts can vary from six to 20 meters. Our dual belts are available in various widths from 70 to 100 centimeters and speed from zero to 100m³ an hour. The inlet height is at least 50 centimeters and the outlet height is a maximum of 175 centimeters. Dual belts can work around a curve or corner.

Buy your dual belt conveyor at Van Trier

Are you looking for new dual belt conveyors, then please look through our website. You will find more information by clicking on a specific machine. When you have any questions or want to request a non-committal quote, please do not hesitate to contact us!