Box fillers

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VHM Van Trier Twin-Bigbagfilr Big Bag Filler Automatic Big Bag Vuller Bigbag filling product distribution Bulk Bag Filler Big bag füller
Prijs op aanvraag
VHM BigBag Twinfilr / Automatische BigBag Vuller
  • Nieuw
  • 2022
Miedema Van Trier MB33 V500718 Kistenvuller Kistenfueller Box Filler
€23 875
Miedema MB33 Box Filler
  • V500718
  • Used
  • 2021
Miedema MB33 V520079 V520080 V520084 V520153 V520155 V520156 Kistenvuller Boxfiller Kistenfuller
€23 300
Miedema MB33 Boxfiller
  • V520080 / V520084 / V520153 / V520155 / V520156
  • New
  • 1600
  • 2022
Miedema Van Trier AKV41 970603 Kistenvuller Kistenfueller Box Filler
€7 340
Miedema AKV41 Boxfiller
  • 970603
  • Used
  • 1997
Miedema Van Trier MB33 V500401 Kistenvuller Kistenfueller Box Filler
€23 050
Miedema MB 33 Box filler 140
  • V500401
  • Used
  • 2021
Van Trier Miedema MB33 V510609 Kistenvuller Boxfiller Kistenfuller
€23 700
Miedema MB 33 Box Filler 140
  • V500401
  • Used
  • 2022

Miedema box filler for sale

A lot of agricultural products such as potatoes and onions are damaged before they’re even cleaned. During the production process of these products, the fall is often way too high. Our automatic box fillers make sure the fall height is as little as possible, to reduce the damage of the products. The box fillers have a high capacity, so your production process will be a lot faster and more efficient. This machine fills up all types of boxes perfectly, whether they’re small or big.

Buy a high quality second-hand box filler

Automate the loading and packing of your harvest today, using our high quality box fillers! Our box fillers improve your production process a lot. We offer box fillers by Miedema and Beston. If you are interested in one of our box fillers, please do not hesitate to contact us.