All the machines on the page ‘occasion’ do not have any warranty. The machinery is directly available as it is.

In agreement, we can check the machines in our workshop (additional price) and repair the machine if neccesary.

available 5 cars
Breston NB10-280 NB5-250 DVB stortbak stortbunker stuerzbunker receiving hopper schuettbunker
€44 800
Breston NB 10-280 Receiving Hopper
  • used-en
Kleemann transportband förderband conveyor belt 10 meter
€7 215
Kleemann 10-65 conveyor belt
  • used-en

Occasion conveyor belts, storage loaders, hoppers and more

Are you looking for second-hand conveyor belts, storage loaders, hoppers or other machines for your company? Van Trier is at your service. We would love to find a new owner for our second-hand machines. On this page, you will find all second-hand conveyor belts and other second-hand machines we sell.

Need a second-hand conveyor belt or a used receiving hopper?

When you are not looking to buy a completely new machine but do need one, our second-hand machines are a great solution. Our machines can definitely last a lifetime, but we don’t give guarantees. You can see and get the second-hand machines as is. It is possible to let us check the machines and repair them if necessary, at extra cost.

Buy a second-hand conveyor at Van Trier

Are you interested in a second-hand conveyor, used store loader or receiving hopper? Check all of our second-hand machines at this page and find out if there is a machine you might be interested in. You’re more than welcome at our establishment in Tholen to see the machines yourself. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 166 600 100.